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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Maxi Curnow returns with 'Chased By Wolves'


Written before the reality of life in a pandemic in 2020, UK djent lord Maxi Curnow's latest track Chased By Wolves takes on eerie new relevancy with its exploration into mental health and re-framing positing significant purpose in this brave new world of ours. And while the track has been kicking around in the world for just over a month, Curnow has gifted a dynamically heartfelt music video to encourage people to reach out and crumble the stigma of the universal mental health battle.


Balancing his alter ego "Kiln" alongside his sharpened take on the modern djent realms, Maxi Curnow has continued to dazzle and delight in 2020 with frequent single releases (including the more recent tracks Tar & Honey and Fire Eater), a collaboration with iconic prog guitarist Rabea Massaad and a continued thematic exploration into mental health and healing against the odds; themes perhaps more relevant than ever after the events of this year. And while Curnow's constant flux has seen him strengthen his proggy spell, it's with the new music video for the recent track Chased By Wolves that a true thrust of vulnerability, strength and resounding hope takes full flight, offering a timely reminder we are never, ever alone in this world.

"Chased By Wolves is about opening up, reaching out and getting through life's challenges together. It's about how we learn to recover and become stronger from hardship, in a primal cycle of transformation and compassion. Even when we feel hopeless, there is always that spark inside waiting to be rediscovered. When we reach out, the kindness of others will point us in the direction back to ourselves...Now more than ever, we need to check in on our mates and look out for one another. We are not alone and help is always available." - Maxi Curnow

Now back in lockdown on the other side of the world, Curnow's resounding message of recovery and looking out for one another could heartbreakingly not have come at a better time. Go grab a watch and a listen below of Chased By Wolves, and for anyone in Australia finding the struggle all too real right now, support is available - you are not alone. For more info check out:



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