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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: The legends at Roadsick Apparel team-up with Lets Have The Chat for a special cause

With all the adversity facing the world over the past few months, we've all collectively witnessed so much heartbreak and uncertainty. And one industry in particular that has found itself decimated is, of course, our beloved Aussie music industry - from the musicians to venues, the stalwart roadies and beyond, the music world and the wider creative industries have found themselves immensely impacted as COVID-19 whisks us into uncharted territories. But while it's seemingly all been devastation of late in the music world, small slivers of hope, ingenuity and incredible support have emerged thanks to the sheer determination and passion of people not willing to let this ship sink, with live streamed festivals, donation call-outs and support initiatives coming to life. And one such initiative, as of this week, is none other than an epic collab between the legends at Roadsick Apparel and Let's Have The Chat teaming with designer Cate Pepper to create some awesome merch, with all proceeds going to Support Act.

As perpetual advocates of the hardworking crews who rely on the live music industry to stay afloat, Roadsick Apparel have never faltered in the quest to support the unsung heroes living out of suitcases and tirelessly working behind the scenes, and this extra-special initiative not only offers up some kickass merch to get your hands on; it's ultimately for an extremely worthy cause, with Support Act offering crisis relief, helplines and more for those working in the music industry. For a lot of us, money might be tight right now, but if you can spare some $$ to go towards those in need, a huge range of shirts are available now (and trust us, these shirts are ADDICTIVE). More info below.



The complete shutdown of the music industry has sent shockwaves through industry workers, musicians and fans alike. Those who rely on touring as their bread and butter are in an impossible position right now.

You may be asking - “Well, what can I do to help?”

Roadsick Apparel & Let's Have The Chat (with the help of designer Cate Pepper :: Graphic Designer + Artist) have joined forces to create some epic merch with all proceeds going to Support Act.

With the world grappling to make sense of all that’s occurring at the moment, it’s the small gestures, the acts of kindness and support we show each other in these extremely difficult times that will get us all through.

With a range of t-shirt designs to pick from, your contribution will really help the music community. You can order your Support Act fundraiser shirt right HERE.




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