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  • Tiana Speter

EXCLUSIVE: Byron Bay psych kids Sunrose share their top Aussie bands on the rise in 2019!

Psychedelic Byron Bay quartet Sunrose are coasting into 2019 with rose-coloured tones, recently unveiling the tasty track 'Too High To Say Hello' off their forthcoming new EP. Bunching up crunchy textures and swooning vocals, 'Too High To Say Hello' perfectly sweeps into the groups' already solidly sturdy repertoire, while also showcasing their ever-evolving sound.

And with a whole heap of twists and turns to come from the group in 2019, it seems only fitting that we grabbed the Sunrose gents to share with us their picks for some Aussie up-and-coming artists to watch out for in 2019. Get ahead of the crowd with Sunrose below!



Tame Impala The realm of a genius, multi-tracking layer upon layer of different versions of himself. Late 60’s inspired drum beats blend with creatively melodic bass lines, mind-worming guitar hooks and a Lennon-esque vocal delivery that soars; leaving a sonic timeline of albums from super jammy riffs and indulgent ideas (innerspeaker), to more structured psychedelic vortex that’s overflowing with melodies (Lonerism). And finally the well crafted, sonically perfect (Currents) that imprints melodic hooks on the listener. King Gizzard A band that’s done it all, lo fi 60’s pop right through to heavy rock and jazz, their experiments through polymetric time warps confuse the hell out of listeners while keeping them glued with repetitious hooks. If the complexity of their music isn’t remarkable enough, throw in the abundance of 5 studio albums released in a year, just listening to all of their songs is a milestone. Pond It’s a cool, calm and collected “I don’t give a fuck” sound, with riffs so heavy and far out they blast you to the moon and back. Then they back it up with a dynamic drop so dreamy and peaceful, once you’re entranced and at ease they rain a fire so hot and heavy you feel you’re escaping from the falling sun just to stay alive. Hobo Magic Are a power Trio from the sunshine coast, Queensland. We have played with them a multitude of times, and have had our collective socks blown off by their sheer power! Heavy, groovy and full of fun Hobo Magic are a band you need to experience! Chesta Headron

Great mates of ours and based in Byron as well. They are only a two piece but have sound of a five piece band. They mash together kraut rock, Arabian rhythms and sonic wall of guitar sound! To create a deep immersive instrumental experience.




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