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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Super news for Superheist, signing an international record deal!


For 25 years intrepid heavy music icons Superheist have shaped and evolved Australian heavy music, and 2019 finds them showing zero signs of slowing down with the announcement of their international signing to US record label Art Is War Records, plus the release of their brand new music video for their track 'Crush The Crisis'.


Now led by legendary frontman Ezekiel Ox and joined by some of the most prolific metal musos in town, Superheist have consistently grabbed the heavy music world by the horns with a propensity for diverse styles and eclectic influences that have traversed lineup changes, temporary disbanding and a slew of critical acclaim since the original formation in 1993.

Fast-forward to 2019, and the heavy groovers kicked off the year with a brand new album, with 'Sidewinder' marking their first release on new label Black Mountain Music (created by Superheist founder dw Norton), commanding significant industry and fan attention with its fiery vigor and anthemic grit.

But it's not just a brand new album that has cemented Superheist's infamy in an eternally evolving and fickle industry, with the blasting quintet joining fellow bands Skinlab, Pissing Razors and fellow Aussies (and Black Mountain label mates) From Crisis To Collapse on the Art Is War Records roster - and also gifting us a brand new music video for one of Sidewinder's true standouts 'Crush The Crisis':

Crush The Crisis is indicative of the entire SIDEWINDER album because its jam packed with those quintessential thick ‘Heist’ style riffs and edgy subject matter, delivered in the accustomed aggressive style of front man Ezekiel Ox. Superheist fans know what to expect when it comes to our music. It’s heavy, groovy, and crafted with conviction - Crush The Crisis is no different!" - Ezekiel Ox

You can check out the brand new music video for 'Crush The Crisis' below, featuring the Superheist gents at their fiery, face-melting best. 

'Sidewinder' is OUT NOW via Black Mountain Music (AU/NZ) and ART IS WAR RECORDS (Rest of world), and is available to view or purchase on all digital download and streaming platforms HERE.

Physical copies of SIDEWINDER are available now from the Superheist webstore, MGM webstore, Black Mountain Music webstore, and also available to order from all leading music retailers across Australia.




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