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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Sydney's Bloom Sink Their Teeth Into A New Tune & A Headline Tour

Pic by Brandon Lung

Wielding millions of Spotify streams alongside their knack for passionate ferocity, Sydney post-hardcore group Bloom are roaring into 2022 with a new tune - and some tour news for good measure!

Today releasing a brand new single Sink Into The Soil via Greyscale Records, Bloom flex emotive nuances with plenty of emphatic instrumentals alongside heaving vocals, touching on mental illness, self reflection and the grappling of lengthy loneliness when all seems lost.

"Sink Into The Soil seeks reasons for finding the courage to get yourself out after years of uncertainty, even when you don’t have the strength yourself. Something many can relate to as our lives are disrupted."

- Bloom

Having previously established themselves as ones able to tackle hard narratives and hurl everything they've got creatively into the mix, Bloom's evolution since their 2020 second EP In Passing rises boldly and brightly to the surface with Sink Into The Soil. And the murky sentiments may, on paper, appear bleak, but one can't but help walk away after listening feeling partially seen and unburdened as we all grapple with the emotional and psychological fallout from the past few years.

And it ain't just new tunes this week in the land of Bloom, with the group also today confirming some huge live shows on the horizon, including a set at the Unify Gathering in March, followed by their first headline tour starting in Brisbane. Tickets are available right now here.


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