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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Pencil in March 26 for the latest tune from The Mars Volta!

The Mars Volta fans - rejoice!! After the worldwide successful pre-order launch of the box-set LA REALIDAD DE LOS SUEÑOS, which immediately sold out, yet another highlight for The Mars Volta is set to unfold next week, with the single INERTIATIC ESP due out digitally on March 26.

And while one latest Mars Volta tune is certainly something to get justifiably overexcited about, there's a hell of a lot more on the horizon; just under a month after this new sonic breadcrumb drops, the mythological album LANDSCAPE TANTRUMS (unfinished original recordings of DE-LOUSED IN THE COMATORIUM) will officially find its way into the world, releasing digitally on April 23.

The recording of LANDSCAPE TANTRUMS reveals a sound that is more raw, more emotional, more tightly coiled. “Anyone listening to these tracks will get a glimpse into that time, into Omar’s soul” explains Johann Scheerer from Clouds Hill, who produced the box- set in collaboration with Omar. Rodríguez-López responded to the end of his post-hardcore band, At The Drive-In by founding The Mars Volta, but the LANDSCAPE TANTRUMS sessions reveal a confidence and sensitivity that brings this legacy into The Mars Volta.

“It is a central part of the band’s history” reports Johann Scheerer, “the recordings prove just how much this band had to share, even so soon after its founding.”

The single Inertiatic ESP will be the only digital single taken from the album Landscape Tantrums, digitally available worldwide on March 26.





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