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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: THE RIOT sign with Island Records & drop a dynamic new tune!


From scaling a fence at a venue to signing with Island Records and working alongside Matt Corby, THE RIOT are a group hell-bent on disrupting genre and societal expectations with their debut single Dog in the Shade.


From a chance encounter between guitarist and vocalist Tyler and drummer Scotty as their future-lead vocalist JD was trying to scale the fence at a venue, THE RIOT fittingly found their name after a burgeoning sense of unity between the trio. Bearing a connection between shared anger, politics and musical interests not defined by a particular era or sound, THE RIOT are ultimately driven by a desire to positively disrupt the status quo and smash toxic notions of emotional suppression and perseverance - and their debut track Dog in the Shade does just that, like a genre mutant flitting between emotive R&B and scathing punk in a display of seething serenity.

“We're saying ‘Fuck the enemy, riot the energy’ and let your voice be your voice regardless of how the world has made you feel...There's power in numbers, it’s better than being on your own...[together] we can get our voices that have been ‘the unheard’, to be heard.” JD, lead vocals

Also teaming up with both Matt Corby and Alex Henriksson on production duties, the sharp and unique bounds explored by THE RIOT on their first ever outing hints at a heap of future sonic exploration still to come from this beguiling trio (alongside the confirmation of more Corby/Henriksson team-ups on the way with the band).

Also doling out a brand new music video for the Dog in the Shade, THE RIOT have certainly swung out in noteworthy fashion on their debut; mo genre trope is safe and emotions are free to reign, and that sure as hell is some musical anarchy we can get behind.

Go check out the new clip below!






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