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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: Come get spooky with Brissie prog lords The Stranger - and a few extra special guests!

Boys and girls of every age, come celebrate Halloween 2019 in style as Brissie prog metal legends The Stranger keep their ghostly tradition alive for the third year in a row, unleashing a special Halloween cover of the iconic This Is Halloween from everyone's favourite cult classic film The Nightmare Before Christmas.

While deep in the writing phase of their sophomore album due out early next year, The Stranger gents ever-so-kindly took a short break to honour their yearly tradition, putting their own unique spin on the classic track full of weighty and wacky arrangements and phrasing, lush orchestration and over a dozen character voices.

Answering the prayers of prog and Jack Skellington fans alike, This Is Halloween sets the bar significantly high for the group's ongoing tradition:

"It's one of the proggiest songs we could have chosen, I don't know how we're going to top it next year". - Linc Morse, bass

But it's not just our ears getting all the fun this Halloween, with an accompanying video releasing with the track featuring some highlights from the recording process, behind the scenes archived clips and snippets from some pretty stellar guest vocalists (including members from Devonian, Ebonivory, Inovo and Seraphic).

This spooky little bonus will certainly tie us all over until The Stranger unleash their brand new album next year while also giving the boys a fun little side quest amongst their album shenanigans:

"It's nice to take a break from working on our new album and put our creative energy into something lighthearted and fun...after Ghostbusters in 2018, we decided to step it up a notch this year with a more challenging song, and by inviting other local and interstate bands to guest as some of the characters, we are so pleased with the result." - Kalen Austin, guitar/backing vocals

So whether you're donning your best Joker costume to try to score free candy from the neighbours tonight or you're just in need of some ear candy in general - don't be a scaredy cat, go wrap your ears around the treat that is The Stranger's 2019 Halloween Cover This Is Halloween.



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