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  • Tiana Speter

MUSIC NEWS: It's official! Washington confirms her third album release date and drops a new video!


Buckle up Washington fans and lovers of all things unorthodox pop: today the lady herself has hit a news trifecta, not only officially locking down a release date for her forthcoming third full length titled Batflowers (it's August 28 FYI) - she's also just dropped a new music vid for her recent jam Dark Parts AND she's unveiling a brand new single tomorrow.


Capable of conjuring true whimsical sorcery into infectious sonic wares, Washington, aka Megan Washington, is the antonym to all things mundane and tame. A true artist at heart with a fluent disregard for expectations, Washinton has continued to dip beyond the confines of the pop genre, exploring dark and daring facets with her own unique flair. And while we'd already had a peek at Washington's 2020 status quo with the divine track Dark Parts, 2020 is seemingly just getting stated for this rocketing artist as Washington today confirms her upcoming album Batflowers will drop on August 28, unveils a music vid for Dark Parts and tomorrow officially knocks this week out of the park with a new single Switches.

But just what can we expect from Batflowers and this brand new phase of Washington? Starting off as an exercise in getting to the heart of why anyone makes music at all, Batflowers is ultimately set to showcase an assured and bold Washington as she relishes her newfound passion for complete creative control:

“I’ve realised this is where I’m strongest -being given complete trust and full creative freedom in my work. My incredible team enabled me to be involved on every level of the creative process and let me get as weird as I want. It’s a fantastic feeling.” - Washington

Designed almost as a soundtrack to a musical score, Batflowers will feature an array of diverse sound design and audio-cinema, with everything from from thunderstorms, dreamscapes and 500 year-old church bells to dazzle your ears. And while Batflowers was ultimately written and recorded all over the world, there is a bounty of steady quirky touches that fit with Washington's creative menagerie:

"It was written and recorded all over the world from Joshua Tree in California, Switzerland, Berlin, Adelaide, and finished during lockdown on Minjerribah (Stradbroke Island). I also had to record some vocals inside a rental car." - Washington

While there's still just under two months to wait for the end result, Washington's certainly keeping the gifts flowing, and today and tomorrow you can double down and catch the new video and song to keep you busy until the album finally drops. Keep an eye out for Switches tomorow!





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