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  • Tiana Speter


ALBUM: Chaos & Bliss ARTIST: The One Hundred So often an album title acts as witty reference or metaphorical wink - but for London crossover superstorm The One Hundred, their debut album 'Chaos & Bliss' fulfills the prophecy - and then some. The result is a relentless ebb and flow of their own brutal blend of metalcore, rap and hip hop (just to name a few), occasionally nodding to the likes of Slipknot and The Beastie Boys, and constantly lunging through growls, grime and gratuitous grooves. From the get go the album blasts through the roof with the vicious 'Dreamcatcher', before heading into the deliciously hooky 'Monster'. Despite the fuel and fire spitting across the 12 tracks, the album isn't the band's disillusioned middle finger to the current state of the world - in fact, track 'Dark Matters' is inspired by the Final Fantasy video games, but vocalist Jacob Field welcomes open interpretation: "A lot of people assume we’re political, but we’re really not...a lot of the meanings are ambiguous, so if you choose to take things politically, that’s absolutely cool...We’ve really found ourselves with this album – it’s got a bit of everything, and it sums up exactly what The One Hundred is." Marking their first full-length release (since making waves with their 2014 EP 'Subculture'), 'Chaos & Bliss' is a whirlwind that is as catchy as it is bat-shit crazy - the hooks are sharp, the beats are huge and the vocals switch constantly between razor-blade screech (e.g. 'Hand Of Science'), smooth grime ('Feast') and alt-rocky calm ('Who We Are Now'). For a band who started out just to try "something different", The One Hundred are an exhilarating breath of genre-bending fresh air. On paper it shouldn't work, but 'Chaos & Bliss' is a rollercoaster that gets more enjoyable with each ride. Album's out this Friday, don't miss it.

ALBUM RELEASE DATE: Friday 2nd June, 2017 through Spinefarm/ Caroline Australia Records GENRE(S): Fusion Nu Metal FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT: Album Pre-orders | Facebook | Instagram: @onehundredband BY TIANA SPETER

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