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  • Tiana Speter


EP: CULTS ARTIST: Nonsemble It's such a rare and refreshing occurrence to stumble upon a band that bridges the vast gap between classical music and the so-called "mainstream" - and Brisbane seven-piece Nonsemble aren't just bridging that gap, they are building a roaring highway dripping with rippling textures and some familiar territory with their brand new EP 'CULTS'. This indie chamber ensemble first formed back in 2012 with a slick mix of classically trained instrumentalists and seasoned rock players, seeing the group grace the stage alongside the likes of Sigur Ros and Beck at Harvest Festival, as well as playing and talking at the iconic TEDxBrisbane in 2013. Their killer combo of post-rock, indie and electronica influences is not only mind-blowing to hear, it's a seriously exciting showcase of the sheer talent and musicianship that is bubbling away from the usual paint-by-numbers top 40 out there. 'CULTS' spans genres and generations, covering cult tracks from the 1980's (The Stranglers 'Golden Brown'), to more recent tunes (Radiohead's 'Weird Fishes/Arpeggi and Sufjan Stevens 'Chicago'). And while some of the covers are true to their original source, the band occasionally inject their own unique take on the songs, as the band's Chris Perren explains: “What drives us is our love of music, of all kinds, and all seven of us are suckers for a great pop song. Making new arrangements and re-interpretations of our favourite songs has always been a big part of what we do. It started with a few cheeky arrangements of songs we loved, thrown in as concert-filler between bigger, more abstract compositions.” Who knew that a traditional string quartet laced with keyboard, drums and guitar could kick so much ass? Well, Nonsemble certainly have found the happy medium between high art and a post-rock wonderland with this release, and here's hoping we hear more from this group soon.

GENRES: Contemporary Classical/Instrumental FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT: Website | Facebook | Instagram: @nonsemblemusic


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