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ALBUM: Greatest Hits ARTIST: Mayhem For Mary

If you're going to say goodbye with a hello, then you'll certainly want to make your debut/farewell album memorable - and fortunately Brissie alt-rockers Mayhem For Mary have thrown everything they've got in their groovy, grunge-laced bag of tricks at their impending debut release 'Greatest Hits' due out this Friday.


Never ones for the mundane, Mayhem For Mary (consisting of Keith on vocals, Wes on bass and Laurence on drums) have routinely honed their imaginative sound, reforming from a quartet to a guitar-less trio in 2017. And while for many rock acts the lack of guitar may prove a hindrance, for the Mary boys this fact allowed them to experiment with creating and filling sonic spaces, while also injecting funk and dance flavours into their heavier tendencies - a fact never more evident than on the upcoming album, which not only marks the boys' debut full-length, but also the last new music we'll be gifted from the boys with the announcement of an indefinite hiatus after the release.

The tongue-in-cheek titled 'Greatest Hits' kicks off with the rousing and raucous 'Rise Up' which showcases everything MHM are about: rasping, powerful vocals, splashing beats and menacing basslines with a touch of time signature devilry. This grooving rock monster heads up the 8 track album, with the remaining tracks throwing down dank grooves ('Come Along', 'Jive Groove') and meandering jam sessions peppered with rollicking breakdowns ('Creep', 'Hatter').

'Greatest Hits' reaches its greatest heights with its textural experimentation, but also when the trio supercharge their powers and blast out their made-for-the-stage explosive energy (particularly on the Royal Blood-tinged 'Psych Night' and the Zeppelin-esque 'Aging Star'). 'Unchained' wraps up proceedings with a restrained yet roaring finesse, with a particularly assured vocal outing from Keith, and some seriously shredding moments that make you truly forget that this is an axe-free zone.

To say it's perfect is an insult to this lot, as it's the occasionally muddled tones and droning motifs that set Mayhem For Mary apart from the same old "let's just rip off Led Zeppelin the whole time" family of modern rock bands kicking around right now - and all these tracks are just yearning to be heard live.

All in all, Mayhem For Mary have simultaneously triumphed and tormented with 'Greatest Hits' - it's a raw and powerful journey from a band who have very publicly hit their stride, with so much possibility for growth that we are unlikely to experience due to the announced hiatus. But when goodbye is this goddamn fun, you can't stay sad for long. Godspeed, Mayhem for Mary.

'Greatest Hits' is due out this Friday 1st June, plus if you're in Brisbane you can catch their last ever live show at Heya Bar in the Valley.

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