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  • Tiana Speter


EP: In Colour ARTIST: Jordan Merrick Some artists have the ability to charm the pants off your ears in a heartbeat, and Brisbane singer-songwriter Jordan Merrick's debut EP that snuck out just over a week ago is a beautifully raw adventure that will win you over from the opening notes. Blending an irresistible mix of Australian bush ballads, Americana and blues, Merrick journeys through five tracks of acoustic bliss and meaningful lyrics, usually favouring picked guitar underneath his warm vocals. Opening track 'Untitled #1' is so smooth it'll iron your soul, and showcases Merrick's knack for crafting a folk song that would be at home amongst the greats, while avoiding the cliches. 'An Unwritten Song' follows suit, sneaking in some harmonica before leading into the more upbeat 'You Gotta Go'. Trading guitar for lilting piano in 'Workin Man's Blues', Merrick gives a hearty nod to the legendary Leonard Cohen before rounding out the album with the narrative-heavy 'Birdman'. Somehow Merrick has managed to bring some grunt and style to the bush ballad realm - his songs aren't dreary, there's no cringy gimmicks and he goes easy on the folklore. There's tinges of Bob Dylan, Neil Young and a whole lot more - but this Brisbane folkster has crafted his own sound, and it's pretty damn delightful.

EP RELEASE DATE: May 5th, 2017

GENRE(S): Folk/Blues FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT: Website | Facebook | Instagram: @jordanmerrick | Bandcamp BY TIANA SPETER

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