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  • Tiana Speter


ALBUM: In The Rude ARTIST: The Basics It's hard to trap lightning in a bottle, or so I've been told - and the same goes for music, sometimes it's hard to capture the energy and charm of a band in a recording. And while that's never been an issue for dapper Melbourne trio The Basics, their latest album 'In The Rude' captures everything they have to offer and more because this time round it's a live album. Formed in 2002 by Wally De Backer (yes, THAT Wally De Backer...aka Gotye) and bassist Kris Schroeder, they were later joined by current guitarist Tim Heath in 2004. With a solid track record of albums and live shows for over fifteen years, it's likely you've heard licks from this protopunk group without realising it - they even had a song feature on everyone's early 2000s late night guilty pleasure show 'Scrubs'. And despite taking a long break following 2015's politically-charged 'Age of Entitlement', the boys haven't lost their on-stage chemistry and this all erupts out of the twelve tracks recorded live at the legendary Howler in Melbourne late last year. The album is a solid mix of some the band's previously recorded tunes, opening with the upbeat toe-tapper 'Roundabout' - and their garage-band tendencies combined with the raucous applause that follows each track makes it easy to see why these boys are most at home in front of a crowd. The album treks through with a heap of energy, grit and some sweltering rock vibes (including on 'Have Love, Will Travel' and 'Rattle My Chain') as well as some quieter soulful moments ('To Think of You' and 'Home Again') If the fact that your drummer and singer is a Grammy winner doesn't eclipse your band's ability to rock out and have fun with your fans, then clearly you're doing something very right. And there is definitely nothing basic about The Basics. Go get your hands on 'In The Rude', order info and more below:

ALBUM RELEASE DATE: 'In The Rude' is out May 21st, 2017. For CD or digital orders visit:

GENRE(S): Rock/Indie-Pop/Protopunk FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT: Website | Facebook | Instagram: @the3basics BY TIANA SPETER

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