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In yet another huge week of Aussie releases, the surprise return of Sydney instrumental act Grün has been a welcome highlight - and they come armed with a brand new album due out tomorrow (Friday 7th April). 'Manyana' marks the second album for this intriguing quartet, coming in hot 7 years after their debut 'Greenland' - and the evolution of the band's laser-like precision makes the whole album a seriously fun ride from start to finish. 'Manyana' also marks a notable shift from their debut , throwing in a dash of shoegaze and a slightly darker arsenal of influences including My Bloody Valentine and Altar of Plagues. Kicking off with the ambient track 'Knifed By Punks', the album weaves through with the band's trademark viscereal tones - and as each song unfurls, it's more and more apparent why they've previously been compared to the iconic likes of Mogwai, Pink Floyd and The Cure. But what these boys do better than most is convey so much atmosphere and emotion without a single vocal in sight - their sonic palette speaks more than any words could, especially on tracks like 'Antarctica' and 'The Wolf is of the North'.

This sophomore album sees an expansion from previous core members Andre Matkovic (bass) and Leon Kelly (guitar) to include heavyweights Ben Matson (drums) and Piers Twomey (keys/guitar). And perhaps it's no surprise to discover the defining catalyst for the rolling wavy vibes on 'Manyana' is the literal inspiration behind it - the album is named after a quiet NSW south coastal haunt where the band wrote and recorded the album.

From the band: “Manyana is who we are as people right now. A snapshot in time. It’s an instrumental human response to our immediate environment, our interactions with those closest to us and a glimpse at our deepest and most cerebral consciousness. It’s an album of monumental personal significance.”

Check out their Facebook page or Bird's Robe to stream/order!

ALBUM RELEASE DATE: 7th April, 2017 GENRE(S): Instrumental/Post-Rock

LABEL: Bird's Robe Records


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