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  • Tiana Speter


ALBUM: Obsidian ARTIST: Flynn Effect It's been years in the making, but sizzling Brisbane quartet Flynn Effect are finally back with their second album 'Obsidian' dropping this Friday (4th August). Popping up in 2014 with a theatrical wink, Flynn Effect threw their debut 'Skin' into the world complete with snarling synths, heaving guitars and a vocalist that could simultaneously melt and cut through glass. Fast forward three years and not only have the band notched up some impressive tours, they've clearly been hard at work shaping their era-defying gothic metal vibes into a confident and controlled new release. Vocalist Tomina Vincent mesmerises throughout the album, at times hauntingly soulful and other times razor-sharp, all the while complementing the sweeping riffs and stamping beats as the band flits between light and shadows across the ten tracks.

None of the songs ever explode beyond reach, with a noticeable level of restraint and ease pushing the melodies to the forefront, spanning Eastern influences ('Fade'), classic gothic rock ('Give In To Me') and a healthy dose of synthy goodness ('All For Love'). But don't be fooled, there's enough grunt pumping through 'Obsidian' to thrust it well into the mix of the bustling Aussie alt-rock scene - and hidden throughout the sharp twists and turns are a few unexpected surprises, including a fuzz-laden cover of Coldplay's 'Talk'.

The entire album was recorded, mixed and mastered by guitarist Jesse Higginson and the band at his home studio, and aside from marking a solid follow-up to their debut, 'Obsidian' also marked a new direction for Flynn Effect, with singer Tomina saying: "We worked on this record for a couple of years and we faced some extremely difficult situations in our personal lives during that time, so it really shows where we were at and how we saw through the darkness of that period. We can’t wait to share this album with the world – its a record that we love and are extremely proud of, and I think the most honest piece of work we’ve created so far. It shows Flynn Effect in a whole new light.” All up, 'Obsidian' takes what worked so well for this beguiling group on their debut and goes deeper into the abyss to create a fascinatingly brooding dark-rock concoction that's easy on the ears and heavy on the charm. 'Obsidian' is out on Friday August 4th, more info below.

Flynn Effect are: Tomina Vincent (vocals), Jesse Higginson (guitars), James Laurie (drums), Matt Cuff (bass) Facebook | Instagram: @flynneffect | Website



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