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  • Tiana Speter


ALBUM: Off Into My Head ARTIST: Dark Fair

Gaze into the heads of Melb shimmering alt-rock duo Dark Fair with their brand new sulky bop of an album 'Off Into My Head' out this Friday.

Since forming almost seven years ago, Dark Fair (aka Ramona Moore and Ellie Dunn) have developed their brooding rock pop tones, a la Joy Division, The Pixies and Blondie to name a few, and have since traipsed their gaze-y alt-rock alongside the likes of Ecca Vandal, Kingswood, They Might Be Giants and Veruca Salt, while also unveiling their debut EP 'You Shouldn't Be Mine' to the world in 2014.

Armed with such a conspicuous array of influences and soundalikes, it would be easy to assume that a full-length album may languish to keep its head above water and edge out a sound that catapults into the unexpected. But the glossy finished product that is 'Off Into My Head' proves once and for all that Dark Fair aren't a flash in the pan alongside the many others dabbling in the world of nostalgic shoegaze and pouting alt rock - and it's a taut and thought-provoking outing across ten tracks that seamlessly bounces between heavier themes like mental illness and lively messages of hope and love.

'Off Into My Head' leaps off with a sucker punch of grunge and sass courtesy of 'First Thing I Become', before branching out into some serious poppin' and boppin' ('Distance In The Line', 'Nothing Can Break Me') as well as a few dreamy overdrive love letters (including 'New Renaissance and 'Sway').


Title track 'Off Into My Head' roughs up its edges with some Courtney Love tendencies, while latter tracks like 'Dangerous Heartbeat' and 'Sweet Romance' tug at the heartstrings with lush melodies and swirling instrumentation. Closing out 'Off Into My Head' is 'Goodbye', a woozy little ditty that injects smoky vocals across a dense backdrop that consistently leads you to forget its only two people generating this angsty yet whimsically textured soundscape.

Recorded in multiple locations over a year-long period, 'Off Into My Head' is a hard-hitting conquest that is as melancholic as it is hopeful as it ponders social and environmental woes alongside optimistic resilience. And while there are moments 'Off Into My Head' borders on disappearing into its own swirling abyss, Dark Fair ultimately manage to stay afloat and boldly declare their appropriately dark and hauntingly beautiful grungy growth with this sharp and glistening release.

'Off Into My Head' will officially release tomorrow Friday 24th August, plus Dark Fair will be celebrating the new release with an album launch party this weekend in Melbourne. More info below.




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