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  • Tiana Speter

NEW ALBUM: "Sinner's Lament" (TABERAH)

ALBUM: Sinner's Lament ARTIST: Taberah It's about time a Tassie band got a whirl on The Soundcheck, and this week marks the release of some brand new music from the Apple Isle in the form of heavy metal lads Taberah. 'Sinner's Lament' has been a long time coming, with Taberah's last album dropping way back in 2013. But to say that the band's new release showcases their hard work in between albums is an understatement; 'Sinner's Lament' is full of sharp twists and turns with a hint of their trademark humour - and it's impossible not to like.

The Tassie boys kick off with the title track, and knock it out of the park instantly. What follows is a relentless seven and a bit minutes of bombastic solos, just the right amount of thrash - and a large serving of Queen-esque vocals from Jonathon Barwick. Next up, 'Wicked Way' sets drummer Tom Brockman explosively loose underneath heaving chants and some searing solos from axe-slinger Myles Flood - and this winning combo continues throughout the album. The tunes keep coming like wild grenades, including metal/rock hybrids 'Child of Storm' and 'Crypt', both boasting hefty riffs and some throbbing basslines courtesy of Dave Walsh. The (supposedly self-titled) "World Heavy Metal Champions' keep their momentum with vintage rock banger 'Dance of the Damned', before closing out with some textbook metal on 'Heal Me'.

But just when you thought it was all over - 'Sinners Lament' has one trick left up its sleeve, busting out with (what else!) a metal cover of The Eagles 'Hotel California'; it's a blistering rendition with plenty of tongue-in-cheek charm that has seen its fair share of controversy - but it's undeniably fun, and sticks a lightning bolt up the original. The word epic is bandied about a lot these days, but for once this is an album that truly lives up to that title. The Taberah boys are taking no prisoners with 'Sinners Lament' - it's a wild ride packed full of technical brilliance and face-melting moments, but minus the snobbery that can come with this genre. If you've ever wondered what the Heavy Metal version of Queen's 'A Night at The Opera' would sound like - you need 'Sinner's Lament' in your life. Get your hands on it this Friday before the band take off on their Aus-wide tour later this month, more info below.

ALBUM RELEASE DATE: 'Sinner's Lament' by Taberah is out Friday May 19th, 2017

GENRE: Heavy Metal FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT: Website | Facebook | Instagram: @taberahofficial | Twitter BY TIANA SPETER

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