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  • Tiana Speter


ALBUM: The Attics ARTIST: The Attics There's something about Melbourne psych-poppers The Attics and their lush, shimmering tunes - the band's casual grooves are simultaneously easy on the ears and sonically complex, and their brand new self-titled album is a compelling adventure. Born in the bedroom of frontman Cameron Wade, The Attics came to life in an attempt to move from DIY bedroom recordings to a plush live band - and since then there's been no looking back, with some relentless touring alongside the likes of Harts, Abbe May, The Pretty Littles and The Magic Bones, as well as a heap of absorbing tracks that have led to this latest release. The whole album rolls seamlessly through a psychadelic dreamworld, peaking at times with rollicking beats ('Is This Rolling Back In Time?' and 'Bluffing') and tunes that feel like a big ol' hug to the soul ('Drop (A Bubble)' and 'Lying Together'). While psych pop can have the tendency to get lost in crunchy, weaving textures, The Attics maintain a solid balance that rarely drowns in its own hazy concoctions - yes, at times a bit more zest would elevate the band's obvious talent, but there's not much to fault here between the swooning vocals, deliciously jangly guitars and glimmering bass and beats It's a slushy, warm affair that glitters against a lo-fi backdrop, and an exciting debut for this intriguing quartet.

The Attics self-titled album is out now, for more info check out: Facebook | Instagram: @the_attics | Soundcloud | Bandcamp


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