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  • Tiana Speter


ALBUM: Wolves ARTIST: Rise Against A bit over a month ago Chicago heavies Rise Against unleashed the riff-tastic single 'The Violence' from their upcoming eighth album - but now the wait is nearly over with new album 'Wolves' finally blasting out into the universe this Friday. For a band that has been around for nearly two decades, there's always going to be a weight of expectation to deal with - but somehow 'Wolves' is one of their best offerings yet, thanks in part to the band's tread into some alt-rocky waters and the new team-up with Grammy-winning producer Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, Deftones). For those playing along at home, Rise Against are no strangers to outspoken social commentary, and 'Wolves' is no exception, specifically zeroing in on the Trump turmoil in America. And with the band relocating to Nashville to work with Raskulinecz, these issues were more obvious than ever for lead singer Tim McIlrath, stating "Living in Nashville drove home that we can't just focus on our differences. If we can stop and talk to each other, face to face, we might realize our common ground. We are all wolves in the same pack, circling at the gates.” 'Wolves' kicks off with the titular track and McIlrath's blazing vocals edging into rockier territory before crossing back to some traditional punk in the form of 'House On Fire' and 'Bullshit'. 'Welcome To the Breakdown' is a rock-worthy blast to the face, thanks in part to drummer Brandon Barnes, while 'Far From Perfect' shows a return to anthemic pop-punk that will definitely get the lighters out when they play it live. To mix up the status quo, 'The Violence' and 'Politics Of Love' riff it up with heaving grooves and catchy hooks, while 'How Many Walls' is a not-so-subtle shot fired straight at the Trump regime. Overall, the production is, understandably, flawless, the sound is big and the middle finger is well and firmly in the air - and yes, we know that that's just bread and butter for Rise Against, but why fix what's not broken? 'Wolves' is a loud and proud statement that we're all in this together, and when a statement sounds this good it's pretty hard to ignore. LABEL: Friday 9th June, 2017 through EMI Australia GENRE: Punk Rock/Melodic Hardcore FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT: Website | Facebook | Instagram: @riseagainst



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