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  • Tiana Speter


EP: Charlatan ARTIST: Hadal Maw

Named for voracious hunger and some of the deepest depths known to man, it's no coincidence that Melb heavy quintet Hadal Maw consistently explore sonic annihilation with their unique brand of tech death/metal - a tendency dramatically thrust into the spotlight with their brand new EP 'Charlatan' due out this Friday.

Having already shared the stage with fellow brutalitatians Decapitated, Ne Obliviscaris and Psycroptic to name a few, the towering might the Hadal Maw lads bring to their craft is one informed by extensive experience and creative agility, weaving a dark and ominous web of sludge, black metal and the occasional touch of groove. But where their previous release 'Olm' took a slightly more clean-shaven approach in production, 'Charlatan' offers no such reprieve, instantly ripping you head-first into a rampaging murky abyss across five gripping tracks.

Throwing out the red carpet to anarchy is opening track 'Idolatry', blasting a mouthwatering serve of chugs, rasping vocals and an exceptionally stellar showing from human drum-machine Rob Brens. Down-tuned guitars are on the menu as we swing into 'Vilified', hurling deep grooves and an especially controlled growl from vocalist Sam Dillon before the quintet leap into dissonant mid-way hulker 'White Elephant'.


The final two tracks lurking on 'Charlatan' come bearing their title, with 'Charlatan I The Grand Serpent' and 'Charlatan II Fervent Beasts' bursting at the seams with debilitating technique - charlatan in name, but absolute ragers by game. 'The Grand Serpent'  trudges and sludges with spiralling rhythms and erratic shifts that challenge the nature of space and time with blistering syncopation, while 'Fervent Beasts' closes out proceedings with a bold and confident flourish that evenly whallops you with its intensity, ably showcasing the strength of all five musos (and producer extraordinaire Troy McCosker).

Its little wonder that Hadal Maw have earned such a stellar rep in their field, and this brand new release is no exception: 'Charlatan' is an abrasive and unwavering beast that will clamp your ears, devour you whole and spit you out into a darkly euphoric catharsis. But for the faint of heart be warned: here, there be monsters.

'Charlatan' is due out this Friday August 3rd, plus you'll also be able to catch the Hadal Maw gents alongside Psycroptic and Archspire starting in Brisbane on August 16th.

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