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  • Tiana Speter

EP REVIEW: Echoes Of Apprehension (SCARLET DRIVE)

EP: Echoes Of Apprehension ARTIST: Scarlet Drive

Apprehension can mean one of two things depending who's asking: anxiety and fear or perceptive comprehension, and for Perth alt-rockers Scarlet Drive it's undoubtedly the latter with their sparkling debut EP 'Echoes Of Apprehension'.


Garnering a huge amount of buzz in their short existence, this unique quartet have steadily built their sonic castle on a base of punk, funk and reggae that has caught eyes and airwaves rapidly since their beginnings in 2017. And after taking out number 1 on the Triple J Unearthed punk charts, gaining airplay on over 50 Aussie radio stations plus unveiling a music video for their single 'Sad Robot', the Scarlet Drive bunch have now cemented their presence with their debut EP release.

Opening up proceedings on 'Echoes Of Apprehension' is the explosive 'Sad Robot', hurling brassy goodness and scandalously catchy grooves into a Lambada-esque blender, leading firmly into the steady-handed 'BMS' that calls on the group's rockier tendencies.


Up next, upbeat reggae-fest 'Ceto' competently treads through some funky waters, showcasing frontman Michael Millimaci's potent vocals and Scarlet Drive's subtle knack for scaling back without losing their punch.

Leading to the close, 'Abusement Park' and 'If I' take slightly broodier turns, with a touch of grunge and emotive vibes unfurling in the tracks respectively before we end with the title track that leads us inevitably full circle: 'Echoes Of Apprehension' closes on a jangly note that'll find you longing for those carefree days of summer flings and falling in love on the beach.

All in all, Scarlet Drive's debut is a dazzling surprise of unexpected bliss and unique alt-rock. And while at times there are latent similarities to some of their fellow Aussie reggae fusion bands kicking around right now, there's something inherently memorable and engaging about 'Echoes Of Apprehension' that defiantly stands out, and little doubt that this lot have a bright pathway ahead in their next adventures.

'Echoes of Apprehension' is out now, plus you can catch Scarlet Drive on the road touring their brand new baby starting this Thursday October 4th in Perth. More info below.




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