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  • Tiana Speter


EP: Homeblokes ARTIST: Hammers

Raise the horns and tinnies; south east Queenslanders Hammers have assembled an unholy array of rock, metal, blues and country, smacked it in the face with a touch of punk and called it 'Homeblokes' - aka, their debut EP due out this week.


A quintessential Aussie group with a dream to whip up honest party-rock, Hammers sit comfortably in an undefinable realm; simultaneously not giving a fuck, unable to be pigeon-holed into a genre, and revered for their frenetic live shows that has seen them share stages alongside Cog, The Screaming Jets and more recently Dead Letter Circus. But now finally the shenanigans and riffs have culminated into six tracks that stoically shreds and stuns with its humour, cohesion and expertise. Brace yourselves.

The gloves literally are off from the get-go, with opening track 'Golden Gloves' snarling to life with blistering vocals and blazing riffs, while 'Just Cause' goes full 'Straya, unleashing a belter of sinful blues licks beneath frequent mentions of darts, grass and tinnies. Up next is 'Speak of the Devil', and if the title doesn't speak for itself, then the raucous guitars and powerhouse vocals will, with some seriously tight production and writing basking beneath the more humorous moments.


Moving into the second half of the EP, we get 'More Rope' which dials back the hijinx slightly, but serves up a perfected hard rock ditty peppered with gritty vocals from frontman Leigh "Fish" Downling. 'Homeblokes' closes out with 'Dead Set', a much more abrasive showing for the Hammers lads, and finally 'Palm Readings with Sin' which surges back to match the frantic energy we kicked off with - and it's a hefty track full of bristling percussion and fiery riffs to end on.

While 'Homeblokes' may be the debut EP for Hammers, it's clear across the board that this is no one's first rodeo - the production is tight but leaves enough room for the grit to shine through, the instrumentation absolutely shreds and the boys manage to inject humour without sacrificing their serious musical chops. 'Homeblokes' is hilarious, hard-hitting and a hell of a good time - and a reassuring reminder that honest Aussie rock ain't dead.

'Homeblokes' is due out this Friday 22nd June on Summerland Records. For pre-orders and more info, head to:





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