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  • Tiana Speter


EP: King of Me ARTIST: The Lyrical Australians have a pretty spectacular history in the roots arena - in fact it wasn't all that long ago when the likes of Xavier Rudd and John Butler dominated the mainstream with their honeyed vocals and social commentary. But as of last Friday, there's a new king in town in the form of Brisbane soul artist The Lyrical (aka Karl Smith) and his brand new EP 'King of Me'. Busting out with the most upbeat use of the 'F' word perhaps ever, 'F*ck It All' is a catchy as hell mix of acoustic guitar, pensive lyrics and kickin' reggae beats, while flickering guitars and pumping percussion waft across follow-up hip-hop tune 'Cheating'. But it's not just all pretty grooves; 'Teach Me' is a heartfelt snapshot of the disturbing times we live in, with Smith's raw warmth swelling across strings and sparse beats. On the surface this is a beautifully crafted offering from an artist who has perfected his genre - but underneath there's an honest spotlight on some pretty serious issues, and The Lyrical manages to tackle these themes without going full social anarchist or starry-eyed preacher.

Smith echoes the reflective lyrics throughout 'King of Me', saying: "Some of us, as artists and musicians, don't have all the answers or knowledge about things happening around us, but we need to be open to learn...There is a world full of important issues, and powerful stories to tell. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the entertainment side of things, that we forget about the message... Which, in my humble opinion, is just as important."

'King of Me' is out now and as of next week The Lyrical will be taking this show on the road, tour dates and more info below!

FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT: Facebook | Instagram: @the lyrical


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