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  • Tiana Speter

EP REVIEW: New Vernacular (SLOW TALK)

EP: New Vernacular ARTIST: Slow Talk

Slow and steady may win race, but for Melbourne alt-rock duo Slow Talk, expressive and sprawling tunes win the war with their debut EP 'New Vernacular' due out this Friday.


Having written in tandem since 2014, Slow Talk (aka vocalist James Butler and guitarist Ash Fuller) take a DIY stand to their expressive and progressive style, calling stylistic influences from Circa Survive to Citizen and compositional influences from Bon Iver, The National and locals Gang of Youths, while taking on production and visual duties themselves.

'New Vernacular' is a slow burn across five beautifully crafted tracks, with an even-keeled vibe that sets Butler's sublime vocals over textured and splashy soundscapes. Distortion lurks around many corners of the EP, but rather than drown the narrative delicacy underlying each track, it's frequently balanced by shimmering riffs and booming beats that cause you to forget that this expansive sound is generated by a two-piece.

Lead single 'Golden' stands out in part to its pulsing urgency and achingly nostalgic aura, while others including title track 'New Vernacular' and opener 'Disclaimer' balance a refreshing amount of gaze-soaked melodies with a melancholic chill and lucid guitars, beautifully brought together by the in-house production.

Of the EP, vocalist James Butler says: "New Vernacular forms a coming-of-age journal, capturing the dire and challenging internal dialogue experienced throughout periods of grief and transformation. The song-writing process was a relentless and cathartic necessity for us, something that is reiterated in the record's pervading sense of honesty and release."

All in all, the Slow Talk boys have weaved a sparkling delight of alt-rock proportions; 'New Vernacular' is head-in-the-clouds ecstasy that richly explores figurative and literal metamorphosis through the lens of some very talented musicians.

Slow Talk's EP is due of this Friday April 27th, and is available for pre-order now. More info, plus a peek at their single 'Golden' below:




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