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  • Tiana Speter

EP REVIEW: Not Feeling This (MISHAP)

EP: Not Feeling This ARTIST: Mishap It's a first for The Soundcheck today, taking our ears on a journey to the land of the long white cloud - and today's journey is brought to you by Wellington pop-punk trio Mishap and their EP 'Not Feeling This'.

Popping up in 2016 with their debut EP 'Toaster', the group have wholeheartedly embraced their old skool stylings (think Blink 182, Green Day, Sum 41, and most other bands you had cranking at your rambunctious early 2000s high school parties). 2017's 'Not Feeling' furthers these nostalgic influences, but injects a nice amount of riffage into the rollicking angst and thrashing beats.

The EP kicks off with the upbeat 'Better Things', a frenetic anthem for convincing mum you aren't a useless degenerate - it's a fun little track with just the right amount of blistering tempos and distortion that you'd expect from a pop-punk outing. Second track 'Come Over' takes things down a notch with some angst-driven yearnings, before the second half of the EP kicks up the dust with the rockier 'Won't Be Watching' and the energetic closing track 'Not Feeling This'.

'Not Feeling This' is a boisterous and enjoyable EP from a young, emerging band - sure, there's some minor room for improvement at times, but there's a raw honesty to these tracks that is irresistibly endearing and engaging, and it's further proof of some exciting things to come from this pumping Kiwi trio. Expect a heap more pop-punk with a twist from Mishap in the near future, but until then go check out their latest EP, more info below:

For more Mishap info head to: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | BandCamp


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