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  • Tiana Speter


EP: State of Mind ARTIST: Maverick

If you fancy causing a little ruckus this week, Sydney's blaring punks Maverick will help you throw down with a brand new EP 'State of Mind' due out this Friday 16th March.

Living up to their namesake, the Maverick boys have flown the flag for nonconformist 'tudes and independent tunes since they first formed after "running amok in Sydney's gritty southeast". A band that would rather be blacklisted from a venue rather than tell the fans to calm down, it's this feisty tone and inbuilt middle finger that has seen them already draw comparisons to the likes of fellow Sydney boys Hellions (who they supported last Friday at the Landsdowne) with the spirit of Rage Against the Machine, and 'State of Mind' delivers in spades everything that this band stands for.

Opening track 'Longevity' is a chugging toe-tapper that busts out a tinge of rap rock and a whole lotta fun, with some snazzy, splashy drumwork from drummer Mitch Links (and a sly hint of Technotronic's 'Pump Up The Jam' - just me?). Leaping off the high-octane opener is '10 Seconds' which brings a grittier tone and some crunching basslines amid a much more serious offering than 'Longevity'. Halfway through the EP we have 'Crimson King' which unfurls with a little acoustic/electronic guitar combo before transforming into a heaving hardcore number that shows off the boys cohesion and some razor-sharp riffs.

The latter half of the EP is led by title track 'State of Mind' which places frontman Marty Rowney atop some sturdy riffage and some show-stealing bass moments from Corey Edwards. And while the track may not be the biggest ear-candy on the EP, it's an insightful look into the group's ability to both pump and throttle their grunt - the vocals are aggressive without being abrasive, and the riffs never outstay their welcome. Closing out the EP is 'Apologies' which amps up the punk factor with a heap of punchy beats and flowing monotone vocals, while 'Resolve' raises the riffage and adds in some catchy gang vocals, resulting in an anthemic ending to a solid journey.

For a band unconcerned with conforming, Maverick may not be pleased to hear they've created a textbook modern punk/hardcore offering with 'State of Mind' - but perhaps it's this ability to ignore the expectations and the fads around them that is their inadvertent secret weapon; not giving a f*ck looks good on Maverick, and it sounds even better.

'State of Mind' is released this Friday March 16th - you can pre-order it digitally online, or else all physical pre-orders can be purchased here.




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