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  • Tiana Speter

EP REVIEW: The Promised Land (ZANNAH)

EP: The Promised Land ARTIST: Zannah

In need of some tunes to whisk you away to a seductive sonic paradise? Look no further than Brissie contemporary world music artist Zannah (aka Susanna O'Leary) who last week exploded into the world with her dynamic debut EP 'The Promised Land'.


Boasting an eclectic journey across pop, rock, Latin, folk, jazz and more, Zannah's past music travels across the world has brought home a fascinating concoction that not only showcases her enormous vocal expertise, but also her ability to tackle and intersect multiple styles (plus some glossy production to boot).

'The Promised Land' kicks off with some Eastern-inspired strings shimmering behind hypnotic beats and vocals, before sliding into the Celtic-tinged 'Remember Me' and 'Ashes', with the latter sweeping in on a glittering stream of melancholic keys.

Lead single 'Twisted And Wild' sits smack dab in the middle of Zannah's EP and marks a true standout with its tabla drums, billowing melodies and dramatic crescendo laden with some fuzzed up guitar. 'No Fue Amor' and 'Bonita' follow hand-in-hand with divine Spanish flamenco guitar and Spanish lyrics, both teetering with a hint of drama and ardor before final track 'Exiled' drapes itself with Persian influences and brings a startlingly beautiful resolution, largely in part to Zannah's powerful performance.

Contemporary world music may not frequently be one to pop up on your Spotify discover playlist, but if there's one album you put on your list to listen to when you need an escape or to just something new, make it 'The Promised Land'; a truly beautiful, forcefully complex and slick creation from a talented local artist in her prime.

'The Promised Land' is out now wherever you normally get you music fix from, and if you're fortunate enough to be in Brisbane you can catch Zannah live at her EP launch at the Queensland Multicultural Centre on the 21st of April. More info below:



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