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  • Tiana Speter



We CAN stop here, it's bat country - or more accurately, it's BATS country, courtesy of Perth alt-psych rockers BATS with a blaster of a new single (and music video) for their single 'Beirut'.


With a healthy nod to the likes of The Vines and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, BATS have been upping the ante of late in the lead-up to their debut EP 'Truthless Faithless', and 'Beirut' is another buxom and brusque delivery from the Perth quintet.

Armed with plenty of psychadelic vibes and biting production, 'Beirut' is a short but sweet outing from this snappy group that simultaneously kicks you in the guts while putting your toes on tapping auto-pilot - and the accompanying music video is a comical apocalyptic delight that seems to be the brainchild of Sterling Archer and Queens of the Stone Age, mirroring the pulsating forces and lyrical sucker-punch courtesy of Michael Paver, Jozef Grech, Pete Acklin, Tim Stacey and Tim Hamzah.

Of the track, guitarist Tim Hamzah says: “There is a strong social commentary behind the themes of the clip, although I tried hard to maintain a sense of humour, because if you can’t laugh at some things the world gets a bit much”.

Whatever your musical preference or persuasion, 'Beirut' is a hooky-filled treat that ably balances your standard stoner-vibes with soulful rock and roll - and it's definitely a stone cold winner. Check out the music video below, or stalk all things BATS here.




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