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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: 1-800 WEED ARTIST: Hey Baby! Lately it's hard to so much as sneeze in the indie rock scene without stumbling across a bunch of cheeky kids singing about sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, and the title for Brisbane rockers Hey Baby! brand new debut single '1-800 WEED' certainly leaves little to the imagination. But behind the stoner click-bait title lies a rip-roarer of a tune chock full of frolicking beats and fuzzy guitars that explodes from the get-go with a Mia Wallace-sized adrenaline shot to the heart.

Lyrically the track is obviously an ode to one of the world's favourite herbs, with a large call to action to legalise it by frontman Kacper Majchrowski’s raspy vocals. But no matter what your thoughts on the weed issue are, what is truly refreshing on the band's impressive first offering is the dazzling capture of their boisterous dirty indie rock tones - the track bursts out with pulsing ferocity, perhaps due in no small part to the decision to record the majority of the track live.

Working with the likes of Konstantin (recorded and mixed by Konstantin Kerstin - The Belligerents, The Jungle Giants, Tia Gostelow) and Steve (mastered by Steve Smart - Midnight Oil, Empire of the Sun, Vance Joy, British India) was incredible – we wanted the track to sound as authentic as possible, so we recorded everything live except for some of the lead guitar and vocals. It sounds chaotic, loud, and full of energy – just the way we like it!” says the band.

Hey Baby! have thrown their respective hats into the ring with this single and in August they will celebrate the release of “1-800 WEED” with shows in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, before returning to the studio to record their debut EP. Watch this space.

FOR MORE INFO HEAD TO: Facebook | Instagram: @heybabyband | Twitter


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