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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Another Century ARTIST: The Church Spoiler alert - it's been nearly three decades since they started, but Aussie legends The Church are back to their psychadelic best with brand new single 'Another Century'. The track marks the first taste of new music off the band's 27th(?!) album, and the first hint of new stuff since 2014's 'Futher/Deeper'.

For any band, it's hard to maintain consistently new material that still retains a possessing sense of self, but one thing The Church are most definitely not is run-of-the-mill. Blasting their brand of psych rock into the world in 1980, they have emerged over the decades as one of the most intriguing acts in the country. That's not to say they haven't had their fair share of hurdles, including a revolving door of band members and an occasionally rocky road to international stardom. But despite any hiccups along the way, this group's unique brew of new wave, indie rock, dream pop and even post-rock has seen them tour the globe to critical acclaim and explore uncharted sonic territories along the way.

With such an impressive backstory, this is a band that needs no introduction - but not content to just fade quietly into the night, The Church have returned and 'Another Century' is a trippy little number that swirls through you with the hazy vocals of Steve Kilby and some dark and dreamy guitars.

Another Century is a romantic melodic stab of omnichord and guitars and quite unlike any past The Church song,” singer Steve Kilbey explains. “The lyrics fell out of the sky very quickly and the music is dreamy and evocative of past futures.”

Ultimately this is a truly mesmerising track that would be just at home in the hands of Ziggy Stardust and the like - and it's a pretty exciting peek into what one of Australia's most prolific bands have in store for the future. Check it out below:

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