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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Basketball Boy ARTIST: Telete

In a time of tumultuous uncertainty and social reflection, it’s rare for a song to waltz along to calmly soothe the soul while crushing oppression - but Perth’s woozy synthgaze duo Telete (pronounced ‘Teh-leh-tee’) have brought a charming slice of defiance to the table with their brand new single ‘Basketball Boy’.

Comprised of Mai Barnes and Hayley Ayres, Telete began the year strongly with their first single ‘Drip Dry’ gracing the airwaves via triple J, FBi and their local RTRFM, and their follow-up is another thought-provoking dreamland. Bathed in warmth and harmonic grandeur, ‘Basketball Boy’ sweeps across your brain with its brain-tickling synths and caressing vocals, flaunting the effortlessly intuitive balance between Barnes and Ayres as they weave their magic.

But while the textural allure of ‘Basketball Boy’ may first draw you in, the true power of the track lies in the painstakingly relevant lyrics, covering the all too familiar sexist microaggressions and resulting global gas-lighting with lines like: “And he says, 'Most of what you're feeling is your own fault anyway'/He says 'If you choose to be offended then that's the choice you've made”. Provocative? Perhaps, but also a strong and powerful message from this dynamic pair that is

If you’re partial to your pop with melancholic goosebumps and ambient cascading hues, Telete are just what the doctor ordered – go check out ‘Basketball Boy’ below:

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