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  • Tiana Speter



You'd be forgiven for assuming that Melbourne's queen of dark electronica King IV has been around the traps for years now, with her expertly controlled blend of spine-shattering bass and razor-laced vocals. But King IV (pronounced King Ivy) only emerged onto the scene late last year, and since day one each release has been bigger and badder than ever before - and latest single 'Bump' is no exception.

Scratching the surface of some futuristic parallel universe, 'Bump' brawls your ear-drums with trap-induced tones and shuddering grooves; industrial synths blast beneath twinkling samples and King IV's smoky drawl, almost as though RL Grime and Banks had a love child and named her King IV.

As with her previous single 'We Can Get It', 'Bump' is as slick as it is shiny, but it's not just all pretty bells and whistles with the track drawing on the notion of the human desire to experience something explosive and immersive. Perhaps its this underlying message that so keenly drives this provocative show-stopper - 'Bump' is definitely rounding out 2017 with a bang for King IV.

For those lucky enough to be around for Melbourne Music Week, you can catch King IV alongside SAATSUMA, Mezko and more - but in the meantime check out 'Bump' below:

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