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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Come With Me ARTIST: Stepson There's hardcore and then there's HARD.CORE, as Brisbane rockers Stepson have proven with their brand new single and music video 'Come With Me'. The song debuted on triple j's SHORT. FAST. LOUD last week and within 24 hours the clip clocked up 20,000+ views - no small feat, but it's no wonder given the band absolutely once again owning their melodic hardcore style.

Bringing a little hint of their earlier sound to the table, 'Come With Me' departs from the band's previous ambient dabbling last year with 'The Beautiful Lie' and kicks up a storm with gritty vocals and thundering riffs.

Behind the obvious thrashing banger are some personal, heartfelt themes, with vocalist Brock Conry explaining: " 'Come With Me' is about the constant self-deprecation you face when you think you aren't good enough for some one you truly care about. For me personally, I thought I was doing the right thing but the extent of what I created was ultimately the worst thing I could've done. I've always been one to ignore issues, particularly to do with my own feelings, but little did I know it is quite possibly the worst and most harsh things you can do to a person that cares about you. The permanent fear of not knowing whether or not you're good enough for someone who has treated you with nothing but love and respect is completely horrifying and I do not wish it upon anyone. In turn, I loved and lost someone due to my constant push and pull and this song is about how I felt during that very trying time."

To accompany the release of 'Come With Me', the band have also announced a celebratory tour alongside mates Stateside and Aburden - more info below, but in the meantime check out the clip or head over to Spotify, iTunes and other usual musical suspects to get your hands on the single.

Tickets go on sale for the Come With Me release tour on Thursday June 29 at

FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT: Facebook | Instagram: @stepsonpunk | Bandcamp



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