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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Evolution ARTIST: Sevsons

In a case of art imitating life, former post-hardcore Sydnesiders Sevsons have remarkably transformed since their beginnings in 2014, and their latest track 'Evolution' finds them firmly in control of some solidly immersive alt-rock.


With a fair few lineup changes recently for the Sevsons gents, it would be reasonable to suspect a shake in momentum - but true to form, the shifts have only solidified the trajectory the band has made from the hardcore world to more melodic and anthemic waters - and 'Evolution' marks a significant apex in this progression.

Calling to mind the swooning soundscapes of Dead Letter Circus with the dramatic delivery of Karnivool and just a sliver of their former post-hardcore life, 'Evolution' is a calmly passionate anthem that surges across murmuring guitars and ardent vocals, backed by some pristine production.

Of the track, the group comment: “Evolution is an emotionally immersive and uplifting song for us. It’s a lifeline to everyone out there dealing with their own struggles; a reminder that you’re capable of overcoming those struggles and contributing positively to the world around you.”

If the future of alt-rock sounds this good, then sign us the hell up, Sevsons. 'Evolutions' is officially out and kicking in the world right now, and to round out their recent touring adventures the boys will be gracing the iconic Rad Bar in Wollongong next month. More info below.



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