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  • Tiana Speter

NEW SINGLE: "Fatal Sermon" (MR ROGERS)

SINGLE: Fatal Sermon ARTIST: Mr Rogers

Distortion, thy name is Mr Rogers, both as the title of one of Korn's mid-90's singles and also the name of industrial-tinged Brissie rockers Mr Rogers who just recently released their first ever single 'Fatal Sermon'.


The brainchild of frontman Brad White, Mr Rogers dip their riffs and style in the waters of Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails, emerging with a swaggering gothy grit and thick distortion, seen in full flight on 'Fatal Sermon'.

For their first attempt, there's some sturdy control overriding the heavy dissent, as well as a clear message behind the brawling buzz, as frontman Brad explains: " ‘Fatal Sermon’ is about being angry at the feeling of being crushed and shamed by the weight of the world. It’s a song about believing in yourself and writing your own rules, without fear of judgement".

If you need a new anthem to make you feel briefly ok about raging against the machine, 'Fatal Sermon' will 100% crank up the angst - and it'll be interesting to spy what direction this lot head with future material in the new year.



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