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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Flowers ARTIST: Milk Buttons

When two worlds collide it doesn't always end well - but in the case of Melbourne/Brisbane duo Milk Buttons it results in a pumping psychadelic dreamworld come to life in the form of debut single 'Flowers'. The brainchild of seasoned musos Jackson Muir and Cameron Bower, 'Flowers' jumps out of the gate with a little Hail To the Thief-era Radiohead swagger and a barrel of dirty psych guitars. The textured vocals are just the icing on this monster of a layer cake, with Jackson's high baritone and Cameron's softer tones swirling over lush strings and cloudy synths, all designed to capture the essence of dreams, violence and human longing. One can only imagine this is the real song Alice would've been hearing when she was hanging out with the flowers in Wonderland - and for a self-described "experimental dad rock" band, Milk Buttons sure know how to write some killer hooks.

Treat yourself to a listen to 'Flowers' below, and it's out now on Spotify, itunes and many more!


GENRE(S): Alt Rock/Psychadelic/Indie FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT: Facebook | Instagram: @milk_buttons | Bandcamp BY TIANA SPETER

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