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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Forrest ARTIST: Sum of Us

Do you like prog and an unholy amount of talent on the side? Well strap in and brace yourself for a bone-shattering ride as Brissie prog supergroup Sum Of Us howl into the world with their brand new single 'Forrest'.


Comprised of stalwart musos from some of Brisbane's most revered acts, including Dane Pulvirenti (Osaka Punch), Bryce Carleton (Kodiak Empire) as well as Jeremy Field, Jamie Swanson and Jasper Webb (Red In Tooth), this is a prog fan's dream lineup hell bent on melting time signatures and bringing together each individual's diverse strengths into a chaotically exquisite track.

As vocalist Bryce explains, "Forrest was written as a means to illustrate the feeling of sitting on the edge of reality; slipping off and attempting to claw your way back to the state of mind you were in prior to that moment. Along the way it touches on the subjects of staying present in mind, while realising personal change is the beauty of evolution and something to be embraced; not feared". And boy, do these boys embrace evolution in 'Forrest'; the absolute best of all parts are on display in this maniacal track, with the help of local legends Chrispy Town (also of Osaka Punch fame) and Joel Myles on production duties both for this track and also for the forthcoming EP 'Sharp Turns in Dark Tunnels'.

'Forrest' sets a ferociously high benchmark for this lot to follow in the future, but straight off the bat there's little doubt they've got the means to keep obliterating the airwaves with their menacing flair and expertise to spare - and this is only beginning.

Sum of Us are due to release their debut EP 'Sharp Turns in Dark Tunnels' later this year, but for the time being you can check out their full video playthrough below to witness the pure delicious brutality:



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