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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Homebound ARTIST: Set The Score You can't always judge a song by its intro, but from the get-go Melb punk rockers Set The Score knock their new single 'Homebound' out of the park. This is the first we've heard from this charismatic quintet since last year's EP 'Where We Sit', and the band are back with a vengeance - and a raging music video to boot:

'Homebound' is a well-oiled machine of catchy hooks, twitching beats and just some straight up classic songwriting - but the story behind this rockin' number isn't so sweet, with singer David Bell using it to get some closure from a pretty personal experience: "Lyrically 'Homebound' is about my experiences with someone that I shared my whole life, who chose to go down the path of drugs and the influence they had over me".

Despite the heavy personal overtones, the track is a rampaging ball of fun and just another exciting example of the knockout pop-punk scene brewing round the country.

Set the Score will be launching 'Homebound' in their hometown on May 21st; for more info on tours and the band in general check out the below links..


GENRE(S): Pop Punk FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT: Facebook | Instagram: @setthescoremelb | Twitter BY TIANA SPETER

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