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  • Tiana Speter

NEW SINGLE: "I Wish my Exes Lived in Texas" (DON AND THE MOBSTERS)

SINGLE: I Wish my Exes Lived in Texas ARTIST: Don and The Mobsters

Mothers lock up your matches - Brissie rockers Don and The Mobsters have unleashed the fire and the fury wrapped up as a sizzling little ditty with their new single 'I Wish my Exes Lived in Texas'.


Marking their first sign of material in over four years, this saucy four piece has thrown a sass-bomb into the world with a brand new tune that simultaneously raises a defiant middle finger to the deadbeat exes of the world, while also dominating archaic social expectations of women.

In front-woman Donelle Brooks' own words: "I Wish My Exes Lived In Texas is a middle finger to the world, men and their expectations of women. I think a lot of the time women are expected to just nod, smile, be polite, and accept rejection and harsh treatment in relationships...This song is the antithesis of that, I’m literally calling out the bullshit of people I’ve dated. I hope it makes people chuckle, others uncomfortable, but most of all I hope it empowers women to feel comfortable voicing their concerns.” (Music Is My Muse Interview, 2018).

Whether you love some blues with your rock and roll or you just want to drown in some rollicking attitude and blazing guitars, forget that good-for-nothing ex of yours and go check out the latest toe-tapper from Don and The Mobsters. More info below.




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