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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Innocence Lost ARTIST: NJE feat. Joseph Gatehau

Sydney-based rapper NJE is no newcomer to the Aussie hip hop scene, having unleashed his debut back in 2006 and pulling down supports and tours over the years alongside the likes of Ice Cube, Xzibit, and locals Allday and Spit Syndicate. And now to wrap up 2017 with a bang, NJE has teamed up with artist Joseph Gatehau for their recently released single 'Innocence Lost'.

Brimming with smooth grooves and sentiment, 'Innocence Lost' showcases NJE's silky flow as well as his ability to craft pumping tunes that peek behind the facade of everyday life - but despite the occasional lamenting of "the way things used to be", there's a heartfelt honesty and upbeat optimism, ably driven along by the chilled stylings of Joseph Gatehau jumping on the hook.

The track is another solid feature from NJE, a Kiwi-born artist fixated on crafting relatable hip hop that is shiny on the outside but meaningful within - and 'Innocence Lost' definitely won't be the last we hear from this engaging artist.

You can check out the track below, and NJE will also be hitting up Brisbane this weekend for the 'Innocence' single launch. More info plus a whole lot more here:


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