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  • Tiana Speter



Brisbane dark alt-rockers TRAILS have more layers than an onion (or Shrek, for that matter), and their new single 'IOU' is another sensational creation of licky synths and ethereal vocals set against buzzin' beats.

Starting life at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, the band has since evolved into a polished package of towering riffs and sonic ornamentation, all the while showcasing the floating vocals of Tyler Shilling and some pretty slick production. 'IOU' is no exception, blasting a subdued aggression with Shilling's soft vocals restrained against the heavier instrumentation.

The inclusion of booming beats set against swirling vocals is equal parts peaceful and jarring, a result that is no coincidence according to Shilling: "I wanted the music to carry the aggression in the song, and sing in a softer tone to create a weird divide between the weight of the music and themes against the reserved, hesitant vocal delivery...I feel this song represents a kind of nervous anxiety, a state of confusion and frustration that a lot of young people are feeling. It's a kind of bratty beating of the chest to anyone who wants to try and take away our rights, our individuality, because they think they know better."

To celebrate the release of IOU the crew from TRAILS will be playing a gig at Black Bear Lodge with mates Mecha Mecha, and Hooch on Thursday, July 27. More info here.



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