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  • Tiana Speter

SINGLE REVIEW: It's Been a Rough Year (CARB ON CARB)

SINGLE: It's Been a Rough Year ARTIST: Carb on Carb

For a lot of us a new year can bring hope and renewal, but also a chance to reflect on some of the shitstorms that have pervaded the year gone by - and one group who are certainly glad to see the back of 2017 is Kiwi emo-punk duo Carb on Carb with their brand new single 'It's Been a Rough Year'.

Written at the end of a hard year on a global scale and for the band itself (consisting of Nicole Gaffney on vocals and guitar and James Stutely on drums), 'It's Been a Rough Year' is a jangling good time of reassurance in a crazy world, complete with warm riffs, raw vocals and a healthy tinge of nostalgic power punk. And despite the seemingly melancholic title, the track at its core embraces some slightly more upbeat sentiments, from the punching beats to the repeated bridge mantra "You're in control; You're not alone".

Entwining some serious 90s vibes with their catchy melodies and irresistible appeal, Carb on Carb have crafted a lovable celebration of resilience in an uncertain world dressed up as an indie-rock anthem.

Although the pair are technically based in Auckland, Carb on Carb are no strangers to Aussie shores, kicking around bars and playing gigs all over the place - and their next run of shows here will kick off in March! More info, plus their new track below:


Wednesday 14 March - Crown & Anchor, Adelaide Thursday 15 March - Yarra Hotel, Melbourne Saturday 17 March - No Front Fences 2, Canberra Sunday 18 March - House Show, Doonside Wednesday 21 March - Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle Friday 23 March - Marrickville Bowling Club, Sydney

For more Carb on Carb info, head to:


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