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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Killer Bees ARTIST: Demon Days There's something in the water way out west - whatever it is it's resulting in some killer new music, and the latest track 'Killer Bees' from Jazz Funk/Neo Soul four-piece Demon Days is no exception.

'Killer Bees' is a hazy syncopated wonderland that snags you in immediately with its hypnotic blend of hip hop, soul, funk and jazz - sonically it's brighter than a sunny summer's day and goes down smoother than a late night whiskey. Bella Nicholl's vocals are freakishly vibrant and totally in control of the flitting beats and floating tones, much like the movements of the song's buzzing namesake, and the quartet's lush textures mesh flawlessly as they document "a period of time where you are in between childhood and adulthood and not knowing how to be either one or what is expected from you".

The end result is a soothing, grooving masterpiece with a resonating message that we can all take to heart: "There's no rules in life, just don't be a dickhead".

Demon Days will be heading out on the road on a national tour in support of the single in October, more info below:

For more Demon Days info check out: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Bandcamp



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