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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Lead, Pretend

ARTIST: Atticus Chimps

Nostalgia is a powerful force, and one that Gold Coast alt-rockers Atticus Chimps have engaged with veracity on their new adrenaline-laced track 'Lead, Pretend'.

Kicking up the beats since their previous track 'Bee Stung Lips', 'Lead, Pretend' finds the Goldy trio comfortably at home in their ever-maturing world of rock-hard grunge pop punk that is slowly leading to a sophomore EP release and beyond.

Bolting out with some gnarly bass, 'Lead, Pretend' draws heavily on late 90s/early 2000s alternative vibes, but with a polished confidence that hints at the group's push to carve their own sound amongst the familiar backdrop. Consistent riffs and steady beats lend a hand beneath vocalist Sam Bray's even-keeled lament to everyone's favourite soul-crushing topic: unrequited love.

Having lived through a fair few line-up changes since 2016, it seems they've finally got the monkey off their backs and 2018 is the year the Atticus Chimp chaps boldly launch themselves (and us) into the next phase of their career. Lead the way, boys!

If you're of the Queensland persuasion, you can catch Atticus Chimps live launching 'Lead Pretend' on August 10th at Tomcat in Brisbane, and August 24th at their hometown show, Currumbin Pub on the Gold Coast.



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