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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Luminary ARTIST: TesseracT

Whatever your thoughts on the weird and wonderful world of djent, there's no denying the impact that the pioneering princes of prog TesseracT have had on the heavy realms. And while the British group has had its fair share of turnover (of the vocal variety), their signature assortment of pounding riffs, cunning rhythms and an astonishing dedication to melody has cemented them as one of the biggest prog metal bands kicking around today; a label they are set to preserve with the announcement of a brand new album 'Sonder' due out in April this year, and a killer new track 'Luminary' to kick things off.

'Luminary' is a clever lead single, scattering some tasty polyrhythms and chuggy guitars across dreamy ambience and a hooktastic chorus. The end result? A clean-shaven rager that is simultaneously bone-shattering yet accessible. Boasting a healthy hint from all of the various phases in the TesseracT back catalogue, 'Luminary' keeps it neat with just enough rough edges that'll appease both prog and non-prog lovers alike.

Ramping up into what will without a doubt be a metal milestone for 2018, 'Luminary' is a promising look into 'Sonder' - available now to pre-order here. In the meantime, you can check out the track and a whole lot more below:

For more TesseracT info, head HERE


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