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SINGLE: Money ARTIST: Sophisticated Dingo Clear out your garage and pack away the valuables cos rockin' Melbourne duo Sophisticated Dingo are back with 'Money', a smudgy little track that blasts out some tasty trash-pop while trying to steal your wallet.

Following on from their previous raging single 'Head Talk', 'Money' goes all in with simplistic verses, explosive choruses and distortion thicker than Cara Delevinge's eyebrows, proving to be yet another garage-rock delight that isn't afraid to get its riffs dirty. The track itself was recorded at the end of a manic three-day stint in Melbourne at the start of 2017, with its cheeky off-kilter tendencies reflecting the intense recording timeframe - but the result is pure energetic bliss that will be rattling around in your head long after the gang vocals and fuzzy sass has died down.

Of the track, frontman Lewis 'Lew' Matte explains: “The song itself is all a bit of a tongue-in-cheek way of looking at the dilemma of trying to figure your life out, when all you can see is all of the hoops you’re trying to jump through. Wouldn’t everything just be a whole lot easier if you had a big wad of cash thrown right at you to sort everything out?”.

Sophisticated Dingo will officially launch 'Money' live on Friday 17th November at Yah Yah's in Melbourne, but in the meantime check out this anthemic little number below:

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