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  • Tiana Speter


SINGLE: Not Gonna Lie ARTIST: Banks of the Beautiful

Well Toto, we sure as hell aren't in Kansas anymore as Gold Coast duo Banks of the Beautiful (aka Andy and Lou) pull the old switcheroo with their second track 'Not Gonna Lie' from their forthcoming album 'Unscheduled Departure'.

While BOTB's debut track 'Favourite' shimmers and sparkles, 'Not Gonna Lie' still gleams but gives way to a more mature and demure tone, with lingering vocals and poignant piano taking the reigns. Proudly produced and mixed in a parked car, 'Not Gonna Lie' is half emotional sucker-punch, half cathartic release and a total wrencher for anyone that's lived the exquisite agony of unrequited love - perhaps put best by vocalist Lou: “Our first single 'Favourite' was a celebration of love and relationships, whereas 'Not Gonna Lie' touches on the emotions associated with unrequited love. Its a special track for a few was the first song I played Andy at the very start of the BOTB project and the first to be completed by both of us as a duo, Kinda like Andy’s Audition tape”.

From bubblegum electro to cinematic heartbreaker, it's fair to say that this unpredictable and diverse duo will be keeping us on our toes when their album pops this year, and it's clearly going to be something pretty special. Watch this space, but in the meantime go check out the new track from Banks of the Beautiful below:

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