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  • Tiana Speter

SINGLE REVIEW: Pushed Your Hands (LILAH)

SINGLE: Pushed Your Hands ARTIST: Lilah

There's something so treacherously cliche about a breakup song, but Brissie songstress Lilah (aka Zoe Ward) has spun a powerfully kick-ass ode to agony with her recently released sophomore single 'Pushed Your Hands'.

Weaving slick and dreamy layers through an ambient void, 'Pushed Your Hands' is all textured synths and glimmering strings beneath Lilah's sincere vocals, at times touching on the emotive and silky raw stylings of early Lana Del Rey and Meg Mac. And while 'Pushed Your Hands' is ultimately a heart-wrenching anthem detailing the breakdown of an unhealthy relationship, beneath the moody tones and vulnerable lyrics is a strength and defiance that boldly transitions this track from tragedy to courageous empowerment, with Lilah musing towards the end: “And to think about it in the night, I wonder if I’ll get out/ And I’m fractured underneath your spell I wonder if I just might.”

Coming off her previous debut single 'Hold Me', 'Pushed Your Hands' is another exquisite showcase of Lilah's powerful vocals and serious ability to craft some mature, dramatic pop with an electronic twist - and no doubt there's a whole lot more where this came from. Stay tuned.

Check out Lilah's new single 'Pushed Your Hands' below, and for all other Lilah info head to:



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