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  • Tiana Speter

SINGLE REVIEW: Ballad for the Broken Hearted (NJE)

SINGLE: Ballad for the Broken Hearted // ARTIST: NJE


Whether you're lucky or unlucky in love this Valentine's Day, Brissie rapper NJE has got the remedy for heartbreak with his brand new track.


Delving a little deeper than the usual frivolous broken heart anthems, NJE's newie 'Ballad for the Broken Hearted' swarms with moody beats and passionate flow as NJE rawly tackles the struggles and pain of depression, while ably offering hope beyond the dark clouds.

With a glimmering flourish, 'Ballad for the Broken Hearted' opens with orchestral samples before gliding through its darker subject matter with balanced production and NJE's vocals confidently guiding proceedings.

Written after some pretty heavy heartbreak, both personally and in his group of friends, NJE drew strength from the sadness, as he explains: "I hope this song is something they can feel and relate to going through their personal struggles and pain. Depression is a real thing and a lot of people don’t know how to speak up and tell people how they REALLY feel.”

Having already supported hip-hop royalty including Ice Cube, Xzibit, Public Enemy and more, there's no telling what heights 2019 will bring for NJE. But for now, you can check out his effortlessly earnest track below.




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